Welcome to Natchitoches Art Guild – the online portal on everything to do with art sales and purchase. Are you an artist in search of the perfect platform to showcase your artwork to the wealthiest connoisseurs? Do you plan on getting into the art buying business? Or are you simply bored, have a lot money and feel this is place where you can splurge?

Fret not weary visitor, our website is the one-stop solution for all your problems. Now, while you are not going to find artwork displayed over here, what you will find however is the knowledge on how to become a better buyer and seller of artwork – whether or not you are the artist.

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Once you are done reading through our various art business sections, feel free to browse our blog where we regularly update on various happenings in and around the art world, plus print stuff from experienced artists, gallery owners, exhibitioners and more.

About Us

The Natchitoches Art Guild was created in 1980 as a non-profit organization designed to promote art and local artists within the historic community. In 1992, members of the Guild founded the Natchitoches Art Guild Gallery to display works by area artists.

Today, the Natchitoches Art Guild and Gallery exists as a co-operative where members volunteer to work in and maintain the space. The Gallery is funded primarily by state and local grants, membership dues, patron contributions, and a small percentage of sales. The Guild also coordinates numerous workshops, demonstrations, and activities throughout the year.